Tai Chi Styles

There are five major styles of Tai Chi Chuan, each named after the Chinese family from whom they originated:

Chen Style:

  • Low physically demanding stances with abundant kicking and punching
  • Circular and spiraling movements that are soft slowly flowing with fast hard explosive bursts

 Yang Style:

  • Larger movements
  • Slow evenly-paced forms with clear Yin and Yang separation
  • Traditional and more simplified forms

Wu Style:

  • Small circle subtle hand techniques mixed with some large frame circular movements
  • Unique body posture with specific leaning forward from the waist and parallel footwork best for improving balance and fall prevention

 Sun Style:

  • Low impact fluid movements with high stances
  • Unique footwork, with one foot advances or retreats with the other foot following

Wu (Hao) Style:

  • Simple small circular movements
  • Highly focused on balance, sensitivity and internal Qi (“Chi”) development

Each major Tai Chi style offers an unique benefit to practitioner:

√ Chen Style  → Increases energy

√ Yang Style  → Enhances general health

√ Wu Style  → Improves balance for fall prevention

√ Sun Style  → Good for arthritis and improves health of joints

√ Wu (Hao) Style  → Focuses on internal energy work

Master Amin Wu specializes, teaches classes and has instructional videos in all five of major styles of Tai Chi Chuan.

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