Class: 48 Form Tai Chi Class (Intermediate Level)

General Description:

48 Form Tai Chi is an intermediate to advanced level Tai Chi routine that was created by the Chinese National Wushu Association. Following the beginner level 24 Form Tai Chi, and the intermediate level 32 Form, 48 form is still based on Yang-style and combines essential techniques from Chen-style, Wu-style and Sun-style Tai Chi. This routine include all the major movements from 24 form, 32 form, also incorporated more challenging tai chi techniques, the level of difficulty is increased, the amount of exercise is also increased, entire routine take more than 10 minutes to complete.  Students need at least learned the Yang-style Tai Chi 24 form OR 32 form, 42 form in order to learn 48 form.  
This is a ongoing class, you will practice Yang-style Tai Chi 24 form;  continue learn the details of each step of second half of the 48 forms routine. This class is suitable for intermediate to advanced level and all ages.

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