Tuition For Group Classes

Amin Wu Tai Chi Class Fees and Policies

Effective January 1, 2018

Class Frequency Payment Frequency
Monthly 3-Months 5-Months
One Class Per Week $86 $240
($80/month per class)
($75/month per class)
Two Classes Per Week $160
($80/month per class)
($75/month per class)
($70/month per class)
Three Classes Per Week $240
($80/month per class)
($75/month per class)
($70/month per class)

Drop-in: $27
Specialty Class: $500 per session
Annual Membership Unlimited Classes: $3,080 (includes specialty classes and summer session)
Kids/Teens Kungfu Class: $98/Month, $480/6-Months
Private Session: one-on-one private lesson – $130/hour for school members, $150/hour for non-members. See this page for details.

Fees and Refund Policy:
(1) Adult classes are approximately 1-hour, kids classes are approximately 50 minutes.
(2) Tuition is based on the monthly cost, number of classes may vary per month. First payment will be prorated at the time of enrollment.
(3) There will be no refund or credit issued for classes missed. Make-up class is allowed within the payment period.
(4) You may cancel your Annual payment package for personal health or family emergencies and receive a prorated refund based on the monthly rate. You will need to notify Amin Wu Tai Chi Inc at least five (5) business days before a refund is issued. A service charge of $30 applies to the refund.
(5) There is a $30 service charge on returned checks.
(6) If paying by the check, please make the check payable to “Amin Wu Tai Chi Inc.”

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