Other Past Events

January 29,2012

Master Amin Wu performed

Chen-Style Tai Chi Chuan

at Chinese New Year Festival in Millbrae, California.

April 2, 2011

Master Amin Wu interviewed by

Bay Area Metro Radio on FM 92.3

San Jose, California

March 26, 2011

Named “Princess of Tai Chi”

Master Amin Wu featured in a news article on U.S. City Post Weekly Publication Millbrae, California

January 29, 2011

Master Amin Wu performs Fu-Chen

at Chinese Lunar New Year Celebration

in Chinatown, Oakland, California

September 22, 2010

Master Amin Wu performs Tai Chi Fan

for City of Redwood City Annual Employee Health Fair Redwood City, California

September 18, 2010

Master Amin Wu performs Tai Chi Fan

at Autumn Moon Festival Celebration 2010

San Francisco, California

July 17, 2010

Master Amin Wu performs Wu-style Tai Chi

in the opening ceremory of

International Wushu Championships 2010

San Jose, California

September 2009

Master Amin Wu performs Tai Chi Fan at San Francisco Tai Chi Festival.

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