48 Form Tai Chi 1-disc DVD

USD $39.98 each48-Form-web

Format: High-definition DVD. Widescreen 16:9 All Region NTSC.
Languages: English/Mandarin Chinese
Time length: 135 minutes


48 Form Tai Chi is an intermediate-to-advanced level Tai Chi routine that was created by the Chinese National Wushu Association. Following 24 Form and 32 Form, this routine is based on Yang-style Tai Chi and combines essential techniques from other major styles while incorporating more challenging techniques, which increases the overall amount of exercise and level of difficulty. The form can practice by people of all ages.

This DVD is taught from multiple angles with close-ups and detailed explanations.  Each chapter provides front and back view demonstrations and a complete 48 Form demonstration provides a supplementary visual guide.

Regular practice of Tai Chi calms your mind, improves balance, and enhances overall mobility, endurance, flexibility and muscle strength.
Master Amin Wu won 8 China National and International championships including the coveted titles “China’s All Around Champion” for Tai Chi Chuan, Tai Chi Sword, and Tai Chi Push Hands. Master Wu is a graduate of the Wushu Department of Beijing University of Physical Education. She hosted CCTV’s morning Tai Chi program and taught Tai Chi to millions of viewers across China.


Front View: Demonstration of Complete Set of  48 Form Tai Chi

Back View: Demonstration of Complete Set of  48 Form Tai Chi

Demonstration of Part 1 (Forms 1-7)

Demonstration of Part 2 (Forms 8-13)

Demonstration of Part 3 (Forms 14-19)

Demonstration of Part 4 (Forms 20-28)

Demonstration of Part 5 (Forms 29-36)

Demonstration of Part 6 (Forms 37-48)


Lesson 1:  Forms 1-4

Lesson 2:  Forms 5-7

Lesson 3:  Forms 8-10

Lesson 4:  Forms 11-13

Lesson 5:  Forms 14-16

Lesson 6:  Forms 17-19

Lesson 7:  Forms 20-22

Lesson 8:  Forms 23-25

Lesson 9:  Forms 26-28

Lesson 10: Forms 29-32

Lesson 11: Forms 33-36

Lesson 12: Forms 37-39

Lesson 13: Forms 40-42

Lesson 14: Forms 43-45

Lesson 15: Forms 46-48

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