Welcome to Amin Wu Tai Chi

Amin Wu Tai Chi teaches Tai Chi, martial arts and qigong to adults, seniors, teens, and kids.

For information about our Wushu/Kung Fu program for Teens and Kids, see this page.

The goal of our programs is to promote mind-body-spirit fitness so that students could attain good health, active mind, happiness, physical independence, well being, and stay engaged with the wonderful experiences of everyday life.

This website is your portal to open the door to a healthy and fulfilling life.  You can find class offerings, news and events, and instructional videos.

Master Amin Wu offers classes that cover:

-         Five major styles (Yang, Chen, Wu, Sun, and Wu (hao)) of Tai Chi Chuan and weapons from beginner to advanced levels. 

-         Qigong (Eight Section Silk Brocade; Muscle Tendon Strengthening Exercise; Five Animals Frolic Exercise; and Daoyin Yangsheng Gong)

-         Children kungfu / martial arts

-         Specialty areas:  Tai Chi for Arthritis; Tai Chi for Fall Prevention; Tai Chi Cane; Tai Chi Fan; and Tai Chi Push Hands.

 Master Wu is world renowned for her excellent and effective teaching of Tai Chi on television to hundreds of millions worldwide, through superbly detailed and easy-to-understand instructional videos, and in-person teaching.   She is a first-place champion in four (4) international Tai Chi competitions and four (4) China National Tai Chi competitions.

Come to explore the wonderful world of Tai Chi and Qigong with Master Wu – through in-person classes and instructional videos!

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